Thank you for visiting ChartSweeps and your past patronage. We are not accepting new entries into our giveaways at this time and all final winners for the daily and monthly prizes through March 2024 will be picked on 3/31. The following is a list of our most recent winners. Congratulations to all our winners!

     Past Winners:

Date Winner Location Prize
03/29/2024Evan Manito, IL$5
03/28/2024Steve Colton, CA$5
03/27/2024Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
03/26/2024Don Littleton, CO$5
03/25/2024John Waianae, HI$5
03/24/2024Lasonia Goldsboro, NC$5
03/23/2024Tina Orem, UT$5
03/22/2024Teresa Fairfield, OH$5
03/21/2024Juan Three Rivers, MI$5
03/20/2024Tina Orem, UT$5
03/19/2024Jackie Columbus, MS$5
03/18/2024Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
03/17/2024Peggy Manteno, IL$5
03/16/2024Angelo West Covina, CA$5
03/15/2024Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
03/14/2024Ron Mansfield, OH$5
03/13/2024Brian Bellingham, MA$5
03/12/2024Betty San Antonio, TX$5
03/11/2024Elliot Boston, MA$5
03/10/2024Andrew Melrose, MA$5
03/09/2024Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
03/08/2024Steve Colton, CA$5
03/07/2024Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
03/06/2024Willard Aurora, CO$5
03/05/2024Travers Providence, RI$5
03/04/2024Michael Paducah, KY$5
03/03/2024Sylvia Belle Plaine, MN$5
03/02/2024Evan Manito, IL$5
03/01/2024Joseph Burlington, KY$5
02/29/2024Chris Orlando, FL$50
02/29/2024Barbara Washington, PA$5
02/28/2024Christina Palm Coast, FL$5
02/27/2024Ralph Lockport, NY$5
02/26/2024Juan Three Rivers, MI$5
02/25/2024Brenda Birmingham, AL$5
02/24/2024Steve Colton, CA$5
02/23/2024Juan Three Rivers, MI$5
02/22/2024Kenny Issaquah, WA$5
02/21/2024Sheldon Boynton Beach, FL$5
02/20/2024Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$5
02/19/2024Teresa Fairfield, OH$5
02/18/2024Brad Cedar Rapids, IA$5
02/17/2024Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
02/16/2024Tim Hamburg, AR$5
02/15/2024Barbara Washington, PA$5
02/14/2024Matthew Three Rivers, MI$5
02/13/2024Matthew Three Rivers, MI$5
02/12/2024Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$5
02/11/2024Julie Rutland, MA$5
02/10/2024Vincent Moundsville, WV$5
02/09/2024Andrew Melrose, MA$5
02/08/2024Edwin Palm Bay, FL$5
02/07/2024Michael Paducah, KY$5
02/06/2024Angelo West Covina, CA$5
02/05/2024Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
02/04/2024Peggy Manteno, IL$5
02/03/2024June North Conway, NH$5
02/02/2024Christopher Albemarle, NC$5
02/01/2024Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
01/31/2024William Cranberry Twp, PA$50
01/31/2024Cheryl Albemarle, NC$5
01/30/2024Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
01/29/2024Angelo West Covina, CA$5
01/28/2024Tim Hamburg, AR$5
01/27/2024Melissa Danbury, CT$5
01/26/2024Barbara Washington, PA$5
01/25/2024Tim Hamburg, AR$5
01/24/2024Ralph Lockport, NY$5
01/23/2024Lasonia Goldsboro, NC$5
01/22/2024Sylvia Belle Plaine, MN$5
01/21/2024Brian Bellingham, MA$5
01/20/2024Andrew Melrose, MA$5
01/19/2024Tina Orem, UT$5
01/18/2024Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
01/17/2024Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$5
01/16/2024Don Littleton, CO$5
01/15/2024Bruce Hiram, OH$5
01/14/2024Dennis Lincoln, NE$5
01/13/2024Peggy Manteno, IL$5
01/12/2024Kenny Issaquah, WA$5
01/11/2024Bruce Hockessin, DE$5
01/10/2024Barbara Washington, PA$5
01/09/2024Michael Denver, CO$5
01/08/2024Regina Okmulgee, OK$5
01/07/2024Michele Concord, NH$5
01/06/2024Elliot Boston, MA$5
01/05/2024William Cranberry Twp, PA$5
01/04/2024Michael Harwood Heights, IL$5
01/03/2024Ronald San Jose, CA$5
01/02/2024Christopher Albemarle, NC$5
01/01/2024Sylvia Belle Plaine, MN$5
12/31/2023Don Littleton, CO$50
12/31/2023Natosha Wichita Falls, TX$5
12/30/2023Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
12/29/2023Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
12/28/2023Michael Paducah, KY$5
12/27/2023Valentine Amityville, NY$5
12/26/2023John Waianae, HI$5
12/25/2023Michele Concord, NH$5
12/24/2023Angelo West Covina, CA$5
12/23/2023James Rochester, NY$5
12/22/2023Peggy Dallas, TX$5
12/21/2023Jackie Columbus, MS$5
12/20/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
12/19/2023Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
12/18/2023Brenda Birmingham, AL$5
12/17/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
12/16/2023June North Conway, NH$5
12/15/2023Bruce West Palm Beach, FL$5
12/14/2023Randall Milwaukee, WI$5
12/13/2023Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$5
12/12/2023Jackie Columbus, MS$5
12/11/2023Michael Paducah, KY$5
12/10/2023Christina Palm Coast, FL$5
12/09/2023Sarah Worcester, MA$5
12/08/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
12/07/2023Sylvia Belle Plaine, MN$5
12/06/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
12/05/2023Michele Concord, NH$5
12/04/2023Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
12/03/2023Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
12/02/2023Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
12/01/2023Andrew Melrose, MA$5
11/30/2023Brad Cedar Rapids, IA$50
11/30/2023Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
11/29/2023James Conway, SC$5
11/28/2023Peggy Manteno, IL$5
11/27/2023Brian Bellingham, MA$5
11/26/2023Angelo West Covina, CA$5
11/25/2023Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
11/24/2023Michele Concord, NH$5
11/23/2023Anne Kansas City, MO$5
11/22/2023Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
11/21/2023Sylvia Belle Plaine, MN$5
11/20/2023Greg Gering, NE$5
11/19/2023Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
11/18/2023Bruce Hockessin, DE$5
11/17/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
11/16/2023Steve Colton, CA$5
11/15/2023James Rochester, NY$5
11/14/2023Barbara Washington, PA$5
11/13/2023Daniel Spokane, WA$5
11/12/2023Angelo West Covina, CA$5
11/11/2023Sheldon Boynton Beach, FL$5
11/10/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$5
11/09/2023Julianna Long Beach, WA$5
11/08/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
11/07/2023Paul Choctaw, OK$5
11/06/2023Bruce Hiram, OH$5
11/05/2023Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
11/04/2023Regina Okmulgee, OK$5
11/03/2023Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
11/02/2023Paul Choctaw, OK$5
11/01/2023Anne Kansas City, MO$5
10/31/2023Ralph Lockport, NY$50
10/31/2023Peter Sparks, NV$5
10/30/2023Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
10/29/2023Paul Choctaw, OK$5
10/28/2023Kenny Issaquah, WA$5
10/27/2023Christina Palm Coast, FL$5
10/26/2023Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
10/25/2023Teresa Fairfield, OH$5
10/24/2023Michael Coopersville, MI$5
10/23/2023Ralph Lockport, NY$5
10/22/2023Teresa Fairfield, OH$5
10/21/2023Brian Bellingham, MA$5
10/20/2023James Rochester, NY$5
10/19/2023Brian Bellingham, MA$5
10/18/2023Peggy Dallas, TX$5
10/17/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
10/16/2023Ralph Lockport, NY$5
10/15/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
10/14/2023Michele Concord, NH$5
10/13/2023Regina Okmulgee, OK$5
10/12/2023Vincent Moundsville, WV$5
10/11/2023Anselmo Renton, WA$5
10/10/2023Toria New Providence, PA$5
10/09/2023Regina Okmulgee, OK$5
10/08/2023June North Conway, NH$5
10/07/2023Sheldon Boynton Beach, FL$5
10/06/2023Dennis Lincoln, NE$5
10/05/2023Julie Rutland, MA$5
10/04/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$5
10/03/2023Regina Okmulgee, OK$5
10/02/2023Sheldon Boynton Beach, FL$5
10/01/2023Peggy Manteno, IL$5
09/30/2023Linda Vero Beach, FL$50
09/30/2023Donna Crossville, TN$5
09/29/2023Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$5
09/28/2023John Waianae, HI$5
09/27/2023Michael Denver, CO$5
09/26/2023William Cranberry Twp, PA$5
09/25/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
09/24/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
09/23/2023James Rochester, NY$5
09/22/2023Nakisha San Antonio, TX$5
09/21/2023Kenny Issaquah, WA$5
09/20/2023Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
09/19/2023Ralph Lockport, NY$5
09/18/2023Steve Colton, CA$5
09/17/2023Bruce Hockessin, DE$5
09/16/2023Jackie Columbus, MS$5
09/15/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
09/14/2023Christina Palm Coast, FL$5
09/13/2023Teresa Fairfield, OH$5
09/12/2023Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
09/11/2023Geraldine Caldwell, ID$5
09/10/2023Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
09/09/2023Ellen Upper Marlboro, MD$5
09/08/2023Peggy Manteno, IL$5
09/07/2023Willard Aurora, CO$5
09/06/2023James Rochester, NY$5
09/05/2023William Cranberry Twp, PA$5
09/04/2023Sheldon Boynton Beach, FL$5
09/03/2023William Cranberry Twp, PA$5
09/02/2023James Rochester, NY$5
09/01/2023Bruce Hiram, OH$5
08/31/2023Toria New Providence, PA$50
08/31/2023Kellis Aurora, CO$5
08/30/2023William Cranberry Twp, PA$5
08/29/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
08/28/2023Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
08/27/2023Geraldine Caldwell, ID$5
08/26/2023Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
08/25/2023Julianna Long Beach, WA$5
08/24/2023Edwin Palm Bay, FL$5
08/23/2023Michael Paducah, KY$5
08/22/2023Willard Aurora, CO$5
08/21/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$5
08/20/2023Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
08/19/2023William Cranberry Twp, PA$5
08/18/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
08/17/2023Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
08/16/2023Greg Gering, NE$5
08/15/2023Cassandra San Bernardino, CA$5
08/14/2023Peggy Manteno, IL$5
08/13/2023James Conway, SC$5
08/12/2023Kenny Issaquah, WA$5
08/11/2023Kelly Southbridge, MA$5
08/10/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
08/09/2023Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
08/08/2023Toria New Providence, PA$5
08/07/2023Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
08/06/2023Teresa Fairfield, OH$5
08/05/2023Kennedy Durham, NC$5
08/04/2023William Cranberry Twp, PA$5
08/03/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$5
08/02/2023Sarah Worcester, MA$5
08/01/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
07/31/2023Jackie Columbus, MS$5
07/31/2023Angelo West Covina, CA$50
07/31/2023Sheldon Boynton Beach, FL$5
07/30/2023Toria New Providence, PA$5
07/29/2023Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
07/28/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
07/27/2023Dennis Lincoln, NE$5
07/27/2023Jon Clinton, MS$5
07/26/2023Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
07/25/2023Megan Seattle, WA$5
07/24/2023Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
07/23/2023Ronald San Jose, CA$5
07/22/2023Marcus Canton, OH$5
07/21/2023Michele Concord, NH$5
07/20/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
07/19/2023James Rochester, NY$5
07/18/2023Julianna Long Beach, WA$5
07/17/2023Brian Bellingham, MA$5
07/16/2023Toria New Providence, PA$5
07/15/2023Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
07/14/2023Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
07/13/2023Cheryl Albemarle, NC$5
07/12/2023Angela Okeechobee, FL$5
07/11/2023Matthew Three Rivers, MI$5
07/10/2023Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
07/09/2023Gary Phoenix, AZ$5
07/08/2023Michael Harwood Heights, IL$5
07/07/2023Andrew Melrose, MA$5
07/06/2023Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
07/05/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
07/04/2023Brian Bellingham, MA$5
07/03/2023Randall Milwaukee, WI$5
07/02/2023Vincent Moundsville, WV$5
07/01/2023Bruce Hiram, OH$5
06/30/2023John Waianae, HI$50
06/30/2023Brenda Helena, MT$5
06/29/2023Christopher Albemarle, NC$5
06/28/2023Jackie Columbus, MS$5
06/27/2023Peggy Manteno, IL$5
06/26/2023Paul Choctaw, OK$5
06/25/2023Vincent Moundsville, WV$5
06/24/2023Evan Manito, IL$5
06/23/2023Michael Harwood Heights, IL$5
06/22/2023Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
06/21/2023Cassandra San Bernardino, CA$5
06/20/2023Peggy Dallas, TX$5
06/19/2023Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
06/18/2023Cheryl Albemarle, NC$5
06/17/2023Elliot Boston, MA$5
06/16/2023Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
06/15/2023Dennis Lincoln, NE$5
06/14/2023Anne Kansas City, MO$5
06/13/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
06/12/2023Valentine Amityville, NY$5
06/11/2023Brenda Birmingham, AL$5
06/10/2023Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
06/09/2023Vincent Moundsville, WV$5
06/08/2023Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
06/07/2023Kenny Issaquah, WA$5
06/06/2023Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$5
06/05/2023Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
06/04/2023Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$5
06/03/2023Michael Paducah, KY$5
06/02/2023James Rochester, NY$5
06/01/2023Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$5
05/31/2023Brad Cedar Rapids, IA$50
05/31/2023Barbara Washington, PA$5
05/30/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$5
05/29/2023Valentine Amityville, NY$5
05/28/2023Anne Kansas City, MO$5
05/27/2023Michael Paducah, KY$5
05/26/2023Michael Harwood Heights, IL$5
05/25/2023Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
05/24/2023Megan Seattle, WA$5
05/23/2023Frank Farmington, UT$5
05/22/2023Dennis Lincoln, NE$5
05/21/2023Willard Aurora, CO$5
05/20/2023Greg Gering, NE$5
05/19/2023Michele Concord, NH$5
05/18/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
05/17/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$5
05/16/2023William New Orleans, LA$5
05/15/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$5
05/14/2023Tina Orem, UT$5
05/13/2023Michael Altoona, PA$5
05/12/2023John Waianae, HI$5
05/11/2023Cheryl Albemarle, NC$5
05/10/2023Bruce Hockessin, DE$5
05/09/2023Melanie Ardmore, AL$5
05/08/2023Kelly Southbridge, MA$5
05/07/2023Jackie Columbus, MS$5
05/06/2023Joseph Burlington, KY$5
05/05/2023Peggy Dallas, TX$5
05/04/2023Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$5
05/03/2023William New Orleans, LA$5
05/02/2023John Waianae, HI$5
05/01/2023Kellis Aurora, CO$5
04/30/2023Sarah Waynesboro, MS$50
04/30/2023Teresa Cincinnati, OH$5
04/29/2023Kelly Southbridge, MA$5
04/28/2023Evan Manito, IL$5
04/27/2023Heather Ashkum, IL$5
04/26/2023Michael Altoona, PA$5
04/25/2023Julianna Long Beach, WA$5
04/24/2023Chris Orlando, FL$5
04/23/2023John Waianae, HI$5
04/22/2023Angela Lake Worth, FL$5
04/21/2023Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
04/20/2023Steve Colton, CA$5
04/19/2023Randall Milwaukee, WI$5
04/18/2023John Willimantic, CT$5
04/17/2023Carolyn Selbyville, DE$5
04/16/2023Julianna Long Beach, WA$5
04/15/2023Vincent Moundsville, WV$5
04/14/2023Bruce Hiram, OH$5
04/14/2023Heather Ashkum, IL$5
04/13/2023Evan Manito, IL$5
04/12/2023Michele Concord, NH$5
04/11/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$5
04/10/2023Ron Mansfield, OH$5
04/09/2023Paul Choctaw, OK$5
04/08/2023Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
04/07/2023Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
04/06/2023Brenda Cairo, GA$5
04/05/2023Michael Paducah, KY$5
04/04/2023James Clermont, FL$5
04/03/2023Maggie Seattle, WA$5
04/02/2023John Aurora, CO$5
04/01/2023William New Orleans, LA$5
03/31/2023Melissa Danbury, CT$50
03/31/2023Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
03/30/2023John Willimantic, CT$5
03/29/2023Don Littleton, CO$5
03/28/2023Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
03/27/2023Olivia Phoenix, AZ$5
03/26/2023Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
03/25/2023Ilene Coral Springs, FL$5
03/24/2023June Conway, NH$5
03/23/2023Tim Hamburg, AR$5
03/22/2023Julianna Long Beach, WA$5
03/21/2023Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
03/20/2023William Cranberry Twp, PA$5
03/19/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
03/18/2023Barb Washington, PA$5
03/17/2023Kellis Aurora, CO$5
03/16/2023Maggie Seattle, WA$5
03/15/2023Matthew Three Rivers, MI$5
03/14/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
03/13/2023Don Littleton, CO$5
03/12/2023Angela Lake Worth, FL$5
03/11/2023Brenda Helena, MT$5
03/10/2023Barb Washington, PA$5
03/09/2023Daniel Spokane, WA$5
03/08/2023Frank Farmington, UT$5
03/07/2023Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
03/06/2023Ronald Evansville, IN$5
03/05/2023MIchele Concord, NH$5
03/04/2023John Aurora, CO$5
03/03/2023James Shiloh, PA$5
03/02/2023Juan Three Rivers, MI$5
03/01/2023Ilene Coral Springs, FL$5
02/28/2023Ronald Evansville, IN$50
02/28/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
02/27/2023Gary Phoenix, AZ$5
02/26/2023June North Conway, NH$5
02/25/2023Velder Merrillville, IN$5
02/24/2023Olivia Phoenix, AZ$5
02/23/2023Brad Cedar Rapids, IA$5
02/22/2023Steve Colton, CA$5
02/21/2023Cassandra San Bernardino, CA$5
02/20/2023Christina Palm Coast, FL$5
02/19/2023Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
02/18/2023Anne Kansas City, MO$5
02/17/2023Michael Denver, CO$5
02/16/2023Michael Denver, CO$5
02/15/2023Cheryl Albemarle, NC$5
02/14/2023Don Littleton, CO$5
02/13/2023Neil West Long Branch, NJ$5
02/12/2023Jimmy Mount Morris, MI$5
02/11/2023Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
02/10/2023Francisco Bronx, NY$5
02/09/2023Randall Milwaukee, WI$5
02/08/2023Lasonia Goldsboro, NC$5
02/07/2023James York, PA$5
02/06/2023Michael Altoona, PA$5
02/05/2023Kelly Southbridge, MA$5
02/04/2023Paul Choctaw, OK$5
02/03/2023John Export, PA$5
02/02/2023John Willimantic, CT$5
02/01/2023Anita Mount Orab, OH$5
01/31/2023Nancy Ann Arbor, MI$50
01/31/2023Matthew Three Rivers, MI$5
01/30/2023Ellen Upper Marlboro, MD$5
01/29/2023Michael Altoona, PA$5
01/28/2023Tim Hamburg, AR$5
01/27/2023Marcus Canton, OH$5
01/26/2023Evangeline Santa Rosa, CA$5
01/25/2023James York, PA$5
01/24/2023Angelo West Covina, CA$5
01/23/2023Michael Denver, CO$5
01/22/2023Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$5
01/21/2023Michael Norridge, IL$5
01/20/2023Kelly Southbridge, MA$5
01/19/2023William New Orleans, LA$5
01/18/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
01/17/2023Ellen Upper Marlboro, MD$5
01/16/2023Scott Eureka, CA$5
01/15/2023Vincent Moundsville, WV$5
01/14/2023Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
01/13/2023James Boston, MA$5
01/12/2023Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
01/11/2023Valentine Amityville, NY$5
01/10/2023John Aurora, CO$5
01/09/2023Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
01/08/2023Ilene Coral Springs, FL$5
01/07/2023Angelo West Covina, CA$5
01/06/2023Barb Washington, PA$5
01/05/2023Chris Orlando, FL$5
01/04/2023Richard Jonesboro, AR$5
01/03/2023Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
01/02/2023Angelo West Covina, CA$5
01/01/2023Carmen Sacramento, CA$5
12/31/2022Dennis Lincoln, NE$50
12/31/2022Michele Concord, NH$5
12/30/2022Portia Suitland, MD$5
12/29/2022Juan Three Rivers, MI$5
12/28/2022Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
12/27/2022Patrick Canyon Country, CA$5
12/26/2022Roberta Apache Junction, AZ$5
12/25/2022James Shiloh, PA$5
12/24/2022Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
12/23/2022Chad Charlestown, MD$5
12/22/2022Sheldon Boynton Beach, FL$5
12/21/2022Frank Farmington, UT$5
12/20/2022Joseph Burlington, KY$5
12/19/2022Dennis Lincoln, NE$5
12/18/2022Geraldine Caldwell, ID$5
12/17/2022Donna Crossville, TN$5
12/16/2022Jimmy Mount Morris, MI$5
12/15/2022Bruce Hockessin, DE$5
12/14/2022Scott Eureka, CA$5
12/13/2022Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
12/12/2022John Waianae, HI$5
12/11/2022Barb Washington, PA$5
12/10/2022William New Orleans, LA$5
12/09/2022Evan Manito, IL$5
12/08/2022Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
12/07/2022Lasonia Goldsboro, NC$5
12/06/2022Anita Mount Orab, OH$5
12/05/2022Greg Gering, NE$5
12/04/2022Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
12/03/2022Brenda Helena, MT$5
12/02/2022Shirley Altadena, CA$5
12/01/2022Matthew Three Rivers, MI$5
11/30/2022Dawn Newnan, GA$50
11/30/2022Kenny Issaquah, WA$5
11/29/2022Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
11/28/2022Dawn West Palm Beach, FL$5
11/27/2022Donna Crossville, TN$5
11/26/2022Barb Washington, PA$5
11/25/2022Michael Norridge, IL$5
11/24/2022Rita Pelham, NH$5
11/23/2022John Aurora, CO$5
11/22/2022Michael Norridge, IL$5
11/21/2022Teresa Cincinnati, OH$5
11/20/2022June Conway, NH$5
11/19/2022Jackie Columbus, MS$5
11/18/2022Randall Milwaukee, WI$5
11/17/2022Paul Choctaw, OK$5
11/16/2022James Clermont, FL$5
11/15/2022Anita Mount Orab, OH$5
11/14/2022Ronald Evansville, IN$5
11/13/2022Donald Fort Mill, SC$5
11/12/2022Michele Concord, NH$5
11/11/2022Michael Norridge, IL$5
11/10/2022Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$5
11/09/2022Kathrine Marion, IN$5
11/08/2022Jeff San Antonio, TX$5
11/07/2022Betty San Antonio, TX$5
11/06/2022Ron Mansfield, OH$5
11/05/2022Bruce Hiram, OH$5
11/04/2022Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
11/03/2022Dennis Lincoln, NE$5
11/02/2022Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
11/01/2022Irma Bremerton, WA$5
10/31/2022Andrew Melrose, MA$50
10/31/2022Donald Parma, ID$5
10/30/2022Randall Milwaukee, WI$5
10/29/2022Jackie Columbus, MS$5
10/28/2022Rita Hayden, AL$5
10/27/2022Don Littleton, CO$5
10/26/2022Anita Mount Orab, OH$5
10/25/2022Billie Detroit, MI$5
10/24/2022Bruce Hiram, OH$5
10/23/2022Peggy Dallas, TX$5
10/22/2022Frank Farmington, UT$5
10/21/2022Irma Bremerton, WA$5
10/20/2022Francisco Bronx, NY$5
10/19/2022Barbara Washington, PA$5
10/18/2022James York, PA$5
10/17/2022Peter Sparks, NV$5
10/16/2022Brenda Helena, MT$5
10/15/2022Irma Bremerton, WA$5
10/14/2022Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
10/13/2022Bre Birmingham, AL$5
10/12/2022Willard Aurora, CO$5
10/11/2022June North Conway, NH$5
10/10/2022Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
10/09/2022Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
10/08/2022Bruce Hiram, OH$5
10/07/2022Elliot Boston, MA$5
10/06/2022Brad Cedar Rapids, IA$5
10/05/2022Daniel Spokane, WA$5
10/04/2022Kelly Southbridge, MA$5
10/03/2022Timothy Whitwell, TN$5
10/02/2022Vincent West Palm Beach, FL$5
10/01/2022Jackie Columbus, MS$5
09/30/2022Kennedy Durham, NC$50
09/30/2022Ron Mansfield, OH$5
09/29/2022Neil West Long Branch, NJ$5
09/28/2022Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
09/27/2022James Rochester, NY$5
09/26/2022John Waianae, HI$5
09/25/2022Willard Aurora, CO$5
09/24/2022Donna Crossville, TN$5
09/23/2022Valentine Amityville, NY$5
09/22/2022Ron Mansfield, OH$5
09/21/2022Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
09/20/2022John Waianae, HI$5
09/19/2022Brian Bellingham, MA$5
09/18/2022Natosha Wichita Falls, TX$5
09/17/2022Edwin Daytona Beach, FL$5
09/16/2022Ethel Cleveland, OH$5
09/15/2022Ronald San Jose, CA$5
09/14/2022Kathern Freeland, MI$5
09/13/2022James Clermont, FL$5
09/12/2022Robert Fayetteville, NC$5
09/11/2022Willard Aurora, CO$5
09/10/2022Maryle Harbor Point, MI$5
09/09/2022Peggy Manteno, IL$5
09/08/2022Don Littleton, CO$5
09/07/2022Kathrine Marion, IN$5
09/06/2022Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
09/05/2022Ralph Lockport, NY$5
09/04/2022Barb Washington, PA$5
09/03/2022Levieux Bronx, NY$5
09/02/2022James Clermont, FL$5
09/01/2022Ilene Pompano Beach, FL$5
08/31/2022Cathy Dayton, OH$50
08/31/2022Lasonia Goldsboro, NC$5
08/30/2022Ron Mansfield, OH$5
08/29/2022Kennedy Durham, NC$5
08/28/2022Melanie Ardmore, TN$5
08/27/2022Delise St. Louis, MO$5
08/26/2022John Waianae, HI$5
08/25/2022Rachel Frostburg, MD$5
08/24/2022Brenda Helena, MT$5
08/23/2022Brenda Cairo, GA$5
08/22/2022Robert Queensbury, NY$5
08/21/2022Tim Hamburg, AR$5
08/20/2022Jacqueline Middletown, IN$5
08/19/2022Peggy Manteno, IL$5
08/18/2022Valentine Amityville, NY$5
08/17/2022Brenda Cairo, GA$5
08/16/2022Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
08/15/2022Colleen Ilion, NY$5
08/14/2022Evan Manito, IL$5
08/13/2022Sean Hempstead, NY$5
08/12/2022Delise Lemay, MO$5
08/11/2022Peggy Dallas, TX$5
08/10/2022Ritchie Milroy, PA$5
08/09/2022Roberta Apache Junction, AZ$5
08/08/2022Amy Chesapeake, VA$5
08/07/2022Carol Sylva, NC$5
08/06/2022Lori Marshfield, MO$5
08/05/2022Sheldon Boynton Beach, FL$5
08/04/2022Tim Hamburg, AR$5
08/03/2022Eva Hayward, WI$5
08/02/2022Rita Hayden, AL$5
08/01/2022Sarah Worcester, MA$5
07/31/2022Ritchie Milroy, PA$50
07/31/2022Bill Brownstown, MI$5
07/30/2022Kellis Aurora, CO$5
07/29/2022Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
07/28/2022Barbara Utica, NY$5
07/27/2022Colleen Ilion, NY$5
07/26/2022Jackie Columbus, MS$5
07/25/2022Melanie Ardmore, AL$5
07/24/2022Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
07/23/2022Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
07/22/2022Roberta Apache Junction, AZ$5
07/21/2022Donald Lake Grove, NY$250
07/21/2022Anita Mount Orab, OH$319
07/21/2022George Minot, ND$350
07/21/2022Tina Orem, UT$50
07/21/2022Travers Providence, RI$100
07/21/2022Ethel Cleveland, OH$5
07/20/2022Steve Colton, CA$5
07/19/2022James Rochester, NY$5
07/18/2022Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
07/17/2022Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
07/16/2022John Willimantic, CT$5
07/15/2022James Clermont, FL$5
07/14/2022Roy Las Vegas, NV$5
07/13/2022Peggy Manteno, IL$5
07/12/2022Ralph Lockport, NY$5
07/11/2022Chris Orlando, FL$5
07/10/2022Katherine New York, NY$5
07/09/2022Evan Manito, IL$5
07/08/2022James Shiloh, PA$5
07/07/2022Levieux Bronx, NY$5
07/06/2022Mary Cordova, TN$5
07/05/2022Olivia Phoenix, AZ$5
07/04/2022Roy Las Vegas, NV$5
07/03/2022Walter Muskegon, MI$5
07/02/2022Brad Cedar Rapids, IA$5
07/01/2022John Bell, FL$5
06/30/2022Kathrine Marion, IN$50
06/30/2022Evan Manito, IL$5
06/29/2022Linda Vero Beach, FL$5
06/28/2022Chris Orlando, FL$5
06/27/2022Anselmo Renton, WA$5
06/26/2022Valentine Amityville, NY$5
06/25/2022James Roxbury, MA$5
06/24/2022Travers Providence, RI$5
06/23/2022James Boston, MA$5
06/22/2022Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
06/21/2022Steve Colton, CA$5
06/20/2022Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
06/19/2022Elliot Boston, MA$5
06/18/2022Sherry Shepherdsville, KY$5
06/17/2022Lloyd Malaga, WA$5
06/16/2022Ritchie Milroy, PA$5
06/15/2022Peggy Manteno, IL$5
06/14/2022Steve Colton, CA$5
06/13/2022Melissa Baltimore, MD$5
06/12/2022Norma Waxahachie, TX$5
06/11/2022Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
06/10/2022Lori Marshfield, MO$5
06/09/2022Ilene Pompano Beach, FL$5
06/08/2022Ron Mansfield, OH$5
06/07/2022Angela Okeechobee, FL$5
06/06/2022Olga Bronx, NY$5
06/05/2022Neil Asbury Park, NJ$5
06/04/2022Todd Midlothian, VA$5
06/03/2022Ron San Jose, CA$5
06/02/2022Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
06/01/2022Bruce Hockessin, DE$5
05/31/2022Timothy South Bend, IN$5
05/31/2022Michele Concord, NH$50
05/30/2022Greg Gering, NE$5
05/29/2022Kennedy Durham, NC$5
05/28/2022Elliot Boston, MA$5
05/27/2022James Clermont, FL$5
05/26/2022John Aurora, CO$5
05/25/2022Betty San Antonio, TX$5
05/24/2022Jackie Columbus, MS$5
05/23/2022Bonita Luray, VA$5
05/22/2022Donna Crossville, TN$5
05/21/2022Michael Paducah, KY$5
05/20/2022Michael Norridge, IL$5
05/20/2022Francisco Bronx, NY$5
05/19/2022Francisco Bronx, NY$5
05/18/2022Lloyd Malaga, WA$5
05/17/2022Michael Norridge, IL$5
05/16/2022Tim Hamburg, AR$5
05/15/2022Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
05/14/2022Alan Los Angeles, CA$5
05/13/2022Larry Albert Lea, MN$5
05/12/2022Donna Alderson, WV$5
05/11/2022John Aurora, CO$5
05/10/2022Ron Mansfield, OH$5
05/09/2022Ritchie Milroy, PA$5
05/08/2022James York, PA$5
05/07/2022Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
05/06/2022Dennis Evans, GA$5
05/05/2022Donna Crossville, TN$5
05/04/2022Monte Winter Park, FL$5
05/03/2022Chad Charlestown, MD$5
05/02/2022James York, PA$5
05/01/2022Todd Midlothian, VA$5
04/30/2022Lloyd Malaga, WA$50
04/30/2022Daniel Spokane Valley, WA$5
04/29/2022Barbara Utica, NY$5
04/28/2022Robert Strongsville, OH$5
04/27/2022Dawn Newnan, GA$5
04/26/2022Ritchie Milroy, PA$5
04/25/2022Robert Queensbury, NY$5
04/24/2022Edwin Daytona Beach, FL$5
04/23/2022Jackie Columbus, MS$5
04/22/2022Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
04/21/2022Larry Albert Lea, MN$5
04/20/2022Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
04/19/2022Daniel Spokane, WA$5
04/18/2022Robert Queensbury, NY$5
04/17/2022Neil Tinton Falls, NJ$5
04/16/2022Tim Hamburg, AR$5
04/15/2022Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
04/14/2022Don Littleton, CO$5
04/13/2022Joseph Burlington, KY$5
04/12/2022Steve Colton, CA$5
04/11/2022Edwin Daytona Beach, FL$5
04/10/2022Daniel Spokane Valley, WA$5
04/09/2022Ilene Coral Springs, FL$5
04/08/2022John Export, PA$5
04/07/2022Kathleen Canyon Country, CA$5
04/06/2022Jacqueline Middletown, IN$5
04/05/2022Michael Altoona, PA$5
04/04/2022Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
04/03/2022Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
04/02/2022Barbara Washington, PA$5
04/01/2022Brenda Cairo, GA$5
03/31/2022Lisa Mount Airy, MD$50
03/31/2022Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
03/30/2022Michael Norridge, IL$5
03/29/2022Melissa Connellsville, PA$5
03/28/2022Joann Hartford, CT$5
03/27/2022Donna Crossville, TN$5
03/26/2022Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
03/25/2022Dorothy Egg Harbor Township, NJ$5
03/24/2022Tina Orem, UT$5
03/23/2022Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
03/22/2022Rosemary Stevenson Ranch, CA$5
03/21/2022Peggy Manteno, IL$5
03/20/2022Melanie Ardmore, TN$5
03/19/2022Colleen Ilion, NY$5
03/18/2022Don Littleton, CO$5
03/17/2022Roberta Apache Junction, AZ$5
03/16/2022Kennedy Durham, NC$5
03/15/2022Valentine Amityville, NY$5
03/14/2022Edwin Daytona Beach, FL$5
03/13/2022Ralph Lockport, NY$5
03/12/2022Olga Bronx, NY$5
03/11/2022Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
03/10/2022Vonnie Semmes, AL$5
03/09/2022Portia Suitland, MD$5
03/08/2022Simona Chicago, IL$5
03/07/2022Lloyd Malaga, WA$5
03/06/2022Ralph Lockport, NY$5
03/05/2022Levieux Bronx, NY$5
03/04/2022Jackie Columbus, MS$5
03/03/2022Roberta Apache Junction, AZ$5
03/02/2022Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
03/01/2022Roberta Apache Junction, AZ$5
02/28/2022Don Littleton, CO$50
02/28/2022Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
02/27/2022Michael Norridge, IL$5
02/26/2022Barbara Plano, TX$5
02/25/2022Jeff San Antonio, TX$5
02/24/2022Ilene Coral Springs, FL$5
02/23/2022Don Littleton, CO$5
02/22/2022David Dowling Park, FL$5
02/21/2022Robert Downers Grove, IL$5
02/20/2022Kimbol Charlotte, NC$5
02/19/2022Brenda Cairo, GA$5
02/18/2022Nancy Ann Arbor, MI$5
02/17/2022Peggy Manteno, IL$5
02/16/2022Kellis Aurora, CO$5
02/15/2022Michele Concord, NH$5
02/14/2022Lolita Birmingham, AL$5
02/13/2022Anita Mount Orab, OH$5
02/12/2022Joe Fairview, PA$5
02/11/2022JD West Long Branch, NJ$5
02/10/2022Peter Sparks, NV$5
02/09/2022Portia Suitland, MD$5
02/08/2022Alan Los Angeles, CA$5
02/07/2022Patricia Lugoff, SC$5
02/06/2022Bill Brownstone, MI$5
02/05/2022Brenda Helena, MT$5
02/04/2022Delise St. Louis, MO$5
02/03/2022Sandy Michigan Center, MI$5
02/02/2022Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$5
02/01/2022Barbara Washington, PA$5
01/31/2022Harvey Katy, TX$50
01/31/2022Donald Lake Grove, NY$5
01/30/2022Dorothy Egg Harbor Township, NJ$5
01/29/2022Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
01/28/2022Dennis Forestville, WI$5
01/27/2022Don Littleton, CO$5
01/26/2022Greg Gering, NE$5
01/25/2022Tracy Lakeland, FL$5
01/24/2022Barbara Washington, PA$5
01/23/2022Frank Farmington, UT$5
01/22/2022Dorothy Egg Harbor Township, NJ$5
01/21/2022Linda Miami, FL$5
01/20/2022Jacqueline Middletown, IN$5
01/19/2022Cheryl Boynton Beach, FL$5
01/18/2022Roy Las Vegas, NV$5
01/17/2022Ron Mansfield, OH$5
01/16/2022Ethel Cleveland, OH$5
01/15/2022Matt Bennington, NE$5
01/14/2022Donna Marshall, WI$5
01/13/2022Leon Round Rock, TX$5
01/12/2022Angela Okeechobee, FL$5
01/11/2022Francisco Bronx, NY$5
01/10/2022Brenda Cairo, GA$5
01/09/2022Amy Chesapeake, VA$5
01/08/2022Colleen Ilion, NY$5
01/07/2022Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$5
01/06/2022John Waianae, HI$5
01/05/2022Tim Hamburg, AR$5
01/04/2022Joseph Burlington, KY$5
01/03/2022Francisco Bronx, NY$5
01/02/2022Angela Kell, IL$5
01/01/2022Pat San Antonio, TX$5
12/31/2021James Clermont, FL$50
12/31/2021Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
12/30/2021John Waianae, HI$5
12/29/2021Bruce Hockessin, DE$5
12/28/2021Michele Concord, NH$5
12/27/2021Janet Shelbyville, IN$5
12/26/2021Barbara Plano, TX$5
12/25/2021Elsa Houston, TX$5
12/24/2021Delise Lemay, MO$5
12/23/2021Jackie Columbus, MS$5
12/22/2021Rene Clearwater, FL$5
12/21/2021Anne Kansas City, MO$5
12/20/2021Steven Concord, NH$5
12/19/2021Ron Mansfield, OH$5
12/18/2021Mike Old Bethpage, NY$5
12/17/2021Ron South Bend, IN$5
12/16/2021Ronald San Jose, CA$5
12/15/2021Lev Bronx, NY$5
12/14/2021Valentine Amityville, NY$5
12/13/2021Tim Hamburg, AR$5
12/12/2021Suzanne Triangle, VA$5
12/11/2021Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
12/10/2021Angelo Los Angeles, CA$5
12/09/2021Lloyd Malaga, WA$5
12/08/2021Jeremy Stowport, TAS$5
12/07/2021Tim Hamburg, AR$5
12/06/2021Richard Middletown, NJ$5
12/05/2021Jame Las Vegas, NV$5
12/04/2021Gordon Schaumburg, IL$5
12/03/2021Kennedy Durham, NC$5
12/02/2021Willard Aurora, CO$5
12/01/2021Robert Queensbury, NY$5
11/30/2021Penne Mayer, AZ$50
11/30/2021Francisco Bronx, NY$5
11/29/2021Gordon Schaumburg, IL$5
11/28/2021Jame Las Vegas, NV$5
11/27/2021Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
11/26/2021Betty San Antonio, TX$5
11/25/2021Kenneth Gunnison, CO$5
11/24/2021Jennifer Arvada, CO$5
11/23/2021John Waianae, HI$5
11/22/2021Yvette Cohoes, NY$5
11/21/2021Jimmy Mount Morris, MI$5
11/20/2021Barbara Plainfield, NJ$5
11/19/2021Randall Milwaukee, WI$5
11/18/2021James Boston, MA$5
11/17/2021Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
11/16/2021Michael Norridge, IL$5
11/15/2021Mark Denver, CO$5
11/14/2021Travers Providence, RI$5
11/13/2021Larry Albert Lea, MN$5
11/12/2021Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$5
11/11/2021Ilene Pompano Beach, FL$5
11/10/2021Colleen Ilion, NY$5
11/09/2021Ron Mansfield, OH$5
11/08/2021Jimmy Madisonville, TX$5
11/07/2021Evangeline Santa Rosa, CA$5
11/06/2021Nancy Ann Arbor, MI$5
11/05/2021Sandy Michigan Center, MI$5
11/04/2021Angelo West Covina, CA$5
11/03/2021Barry Capon Bridge, WV$5
11/02/2021Edward Wrens, GA$5
11/01/2021Melinda Hollywood, FL$5
10/31/2021Catherine Sacramento, CA$50
10/31/2021Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$5
10/30/2021Benedict Honolulu, HI$5
10/29/2021Chad Charlestown, MD$5
10/28/2021Tina Orem, UT$5
10/27/2021Jeffrey Mansfield, OH$5
10/26/2021Debra Belle Plaine, MN$5
10/25/2021Richard Sioux Falls, SD$5
10/24/2021Michael Myrtle Beach, SC$5
10/23/2021Jame Las Vegas, NV$5
10/22/2021Sandy Michigan Center, MI$5
10/21/2021John Mount Prospect, IL$5
10/20/2021Gail Nashville, TN$5
10/19/2021Evan Manito, IL$5
10/18/2021Brenda Helena, MT$5
10/17/2021Lloyd Malaga, WA$5
10/16/2021Joseph Burlington, KY$5
10/15/2021Jessica Punta Santiago, PR$5
10/14/2021Tanya Seaside, CA$5
10/13/2021Richard Sioux Falls, SD$5
10/12/2021Michael Myrtle Beach, SC$5
10/11/2021Lloyd Malaga, WA$5
10/10/2021Peggy Manteno, IL$5
10/09/2021Steven Concord, NH$5
10/08/2021Tina Orem, UT$5
10/07/2021Frank Farmington, UT$5
10/06/2021James Clermont, FL$5
10/05/2021Barbara Washington, PA$5
10/04/2021Tom Palm Springs, CA$5
10/03/2021Delise Lemay, MO$5
10/02/2021Norma Waxahachie, TX$5
10/01/2021Harvey Katy, TX$5
09/30/2021Kellis Aurora, CO$50
09/30/2021Terrance Philadelphia, PA$5
09/29/2021William Las Vegas, NV$5
09/28/2021Ronald Tulsa, OK$5
09/27/2021Valentine Amityville, NY$5
09/26/2021Robert Sun City, CA$5
09/25/2021James Clermont, FL$5
09/24/2021Nakisha San Antonio, TX$5
09/23/2021Lloyd Malaga, WA$5
09/22/2021Julianna Seaside, OR$5
09/21/2021Kathrine Marion, IN$5
09/20/2021James Boston, MA$5
09/19/2021Karrie Vallejo, CA$5
09/18/2021Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$5
09/17/2021Cathy Sundance, WY$5
09/16/2021Barry Capon Bridge, WV$5
09/15/2021Barbara Plano, TX$5
09/14/2021Randall Milwaukee, WI$5
09/13/2021Sandy Michigan Center, MI$5
09/12/2021Robert Berlin Heights, NJ$5
09/11/2021Mary Melbourne, FL$5
09/10/2021Mike Kingsport, TN$5
09/09/2021Richard Sioux Falls, SD$5
09/08/2021James York, PA$5
09/07/2021James Clermont, FL$5
09/06/2021Samuel Three Rivers, MI$5
09/05/2021Francisco Bronx, NY$5
09/04/2021Ronald Tulsa, OK$5
09/03/2021Valentine Amityville, NY$5
09/02/2021Francisco Bronx, NY$5
09/01/2021William Sylvania, OH$5
08/31/2021John Aurora, CO$50
08/31/2021Michael Paducah, KY$5
08/30/2021Shirralee Little Deer Isle, ME$5
08/29/2021Jessie Freeport, IL$5
08/28/2021Debra Johnson City, TN$5
08/27/2021Jacqueline Middletown, IN$5
08/26/2021Kevin Champaign, IL$5
08/25/2021Mark Warren, OH$5
08/24/2021Jean Payson, AZ$5
08/23/2021Mary Mesquite, TX$5
08/22/2021David Dowling Park, FL$5
08/21/2021Mercia Manchester, CT$5
08/20/2021Tina Orem, UT$5
08/19/2021Colleen Ilion, NY$5
08/18/2021Mike Kingsport, TN$5
08/17/2021Michael Paducah, KY$5
08/16/2021Kellis Aurora, CO$5
08/15/2021Evelyn Weare, NH$5
08/14/2021Sophia Mountain House, CA$5
08/13/2021Robin Frederick, MD$5
08/12/2021Ronald San Jose, CA$5
08/11/2021Joanna Humble, TX$5
08/10/2021Norma Waxahachie, TX$5
08/09/2021Barbara Utica, NY$5
08/08/2021Willard Aurora, CO$5
08/07/2021Alan Los Angeles, CA$5
08/06/2021Sidney Philadelphia, PA$5
08/05/2021Kathrine Marion, IN$5
08/04/2021Melinda Hollywood, FL$5
08/03/2021Dennis Lincoln, NE$5
08/02/2021Bernie Half Moon Bay, CA$5
08/01/2021John Aurora, CO$5
07/31/2021Linda Vero Beach, FL$500
07/31/2021Barbara Washington, PA$50
07/30/2021Mary Bristol, TN$50
07/29/2021Shirralee Little Deer Isle, ME$50
07/28/2021Ellen Elmont, NY$50
07/27/2021Tina Orem, UT$50
07/26/2021Penne Mayer, AZ$50
07/25/2021Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$50
07/24/2021Mindy Worcester, MA$50
07/23/2021Margaret Prospect Heights, IL$50
07/22/2021Inna Val Alstyne, TX$50
07/21/2021Frank Farmington, UT$50
07/20/2021Norma Sacramento, CA$50
07/19/2021Michael Myrtle Beach, SC$50
07/18/2021Robert Queensbury, NY$50
07/17/2021Lori Oakdale, CA$50
07/16/2021Geraldine Caldwell, ID$50
07/15/2021Sandy Michigan Center, MI$50
07/14/2021Crystal Lemon Grove, CA$50
07/13/2021Anselmo Renton, WA$50
07/12/2021Casey Manchester, NH$50
07/11/2021Betty San Antonio, TX$50
07/10/2021Donna Perry, NY$50
07/09/2021Lori Oakdale, CA$50
07/08/2021Edward Wrens, GA$50
07/07/2021Barbara Utica, NY$50
07/06/2021Meshach St. Louis, MO$50
07/05/2021Barbara Plano, TX$50
07/04/2021Tiara Bennington, NE$50
07/03/2021Susan Pawtucket, RI$50
07/02/2021Kevin Champaign, IL$50
07/01/2021Brenda Cairo, GA$50
06/30/2021Tim Hamburg, AR$500
06/30/2021Heather Suffolk, VA$50
06/29/2021Stewart Gaston, SC$50
06/28/2021Robin Thurmont, MD$50
06/27/2021Travers Providence, RI$50
06/26/2021Ilene Coral Springs, FL$319
06/26/2021Jennifer Arvada, CO$250
06/26/2021Sam Marysville, WA$50
06/25/2021Tim Hamburg, AR$50
06/24/2021Lloyd Malaga, WA$100
06/24/2021Patricia Sandusky, OH$50
06/23/2021Angela Kell, IL$50
06/22/2021Bernie Half Moon Bay, CA$50
06/21/2021Donald Fort Mill, SC$50
06/20/2021Julian Huntsville, AL$50
06/19/2021Melissa Connellsville, PA$50
06/18/2021Sandra Crawfordville, FL$50
06/17/2021Mercia Manchester, CT$50
06/16/2021Barbara Washington, PA$50
06/15/2021Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$50
06/14/2021Sophia Sacramento, CA$50
06/13/2021Mike Old Bethpage, NY$50
06/12/2021Ron Evansville, IN$50
06/11/2021Barry Capon Bridge, WV$50
06/10/2021Sophia Sacramento, CA$50
06/09/2021Jennifer Arvada, CO$50
06/08/2021Mike Kingsport, TN$50
06/07/2021Susan Pawtucket, RI$50
06/06/2021Michael Paducah, KY$50
06/05/2021Joseph Berkeley, CA$50
06/04/2021Barbara Bath, PA$50
06/03/2021Michel Old Bethpage, NY$50
06/02/2021Dawn Newnan, GA$50
06/01/2021John Waianae, HI$50
05/31/2021Joseph Burlington, KY$500
05/31/2021Donald Lake Grove, NY$50
05/30/2021Sharon Monument, CO$50
05/29/2021Suzanne Triangle, VA$50
05/28/2021Bill Dexter, NY$50
05/27/2021Donald Urbana, OH$50
05/26/2021Christy Charleston, WV$50
05/25/2021Randall Milwaukee, WI$250
05/25/2021Julian Huntsville, AL$50
05/24/2021James Clermont, FL$50
05/23/2021Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$50
05/22/2021Evan Manito, IL$50
05/21/2021Mary Bristol, TN$50
05/20/2021Denine Hutchinson, KS$50
05/19/2021Ilene Coral Springs, FL$50
05/18/2021Donna Crossville, TN$50
05/17/2021Michel Old Bethpage, NY$50
05/16/2021Michael Myrtle Beach, SC$50
05/15/2021Benedict Honolulu, HI$50
05/14/2021Brenda Helena, MT$170
05/14/2021Richard Sioux Falls, SD$50
05/13/2021Julie San Diego, CA$50
05/12/2021Richard Silverdale, WA$50
05/11/2021Lavina Phoenix, AZ$50
05/10/2021Ritchie Milroy, PA$50
05/09/2021Tanya Seaside, CA$50
05/08/2021Mark Lynnwood, WA$50
05/07/2021Brad Cedar Rapids, IA$50
05/06/2021Timothy Connellsville, PA$50
05/05/2021Bernie Half Moon Bay, CA$50
05/04/2021Jessie Freeport, IL$50
05/03/2021Melinda Hollywood, FL$50
05/02/2021Tatyana Minneapolis, MN$50
05/01/2021Kathy Marion, IN$50
04/30/2021Margaret Canton, IL$500
04/30/2021Mark Denver, CO$50
04/29/2021Michael Denver, CO$50
04/28/2021Mary Melbourne, FL$50
04/27/2021Anne Spartanburg, SC$50
04/26/2021William Sylvania, OH$50
04/25/2021Amy Chesapeake, VA$50
04/24/2021Sandra Eau Claire, WI$50
04/23/2021Donald Urbana, OH$50
04/22/2021Brad Cedar Rapids, IA$50
04/21/2021Marcus Canton, OH$50
04/20/2021Melanie Ardmore, AL$50
04/19/2021Olga Bronx, NY$50
04/18/2021Ryan Portland, OR$50
04/17/2021Tracy Lakeland, FL$50
04/16/2021Zachary Carmichael, CA$50
04/15/2021Evelyn Saint George, UT$50
04/14/2021Joseph Burlington, KY$50
04/13/2021Travers Providence, RI$50
04/12/2021Donald Parma, ID$50
04/11/2021Robin Frederick, MD$50
04/10/2021Barbara Wylie, TX$50
04/09/2021Cheryl Buffalo, NY$50
04/08/2021Gregory Livonia, MI$50
04/07/2021Karrie Vallejo, CA$50
04/06/2021Philip Gulf Shores, AL$50
04/05/2021David Louisville, KY$50
04/04/2021Angela Kell, IL$50
04/03/2021Todd Midlothian, VA$50
04/02/2021Ellen Elmont, NY$50
04/01/2021Edward Wrens, GA$50
03/31/2021Lolita Birmingham, AL$500
03/31/2021Rachel Frostburg, MD$50
03/30/2021Margaret Prospect Heights, IL$50
03/29/2021Philip Gulf Shores, AL$50
03/28/2021Donna Perry, NY$50
03/28/2021Teresa Cincinnati, OH$50
03/27/2021Steven Concord, NH$50
03/26/2021Linda Smethport, PA$50
03/25/2021Patricia Emmaus, PA$50
03/24/2021Mark Denver, CO$50
03/23/2021Jay Cunningham, KS$50
03/22/2021Edith Greenville, TX$50
03/21/2021Ilene Coral Springs, FL$50
03/20/2021Jean Payson, AZ$50
03/19/2021Ken Gautier, MS$50
03/18/2021Amber Seaside, OR$50
03/17/2021Yolanda Culver City, CA$50
03/16/2021Carol Myrtle Beach, SC$50
03/15/2021Frank Farmington, UT$50
03/14/2021Joanna Kingwood, TX$50
03/13/2021Shirralee Little Deer Isle, ME$75
03/13/2021Clara Carthage, NC$50
03/12/2021Chris Orlando, FL$50
03/11/2021Michael Myrtle Beach, SC$50
03/10/2021Walter Muskegon, MI$50
03/09/2021George Rock Island, IL$50
03/08/2021Steven Concord, NH$50
03/07/2021Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$50
03/06/2021Suzanne Triangle, VA$50
03/05/2021Donald Parma, ID$50
03/04/2021Brenda Cairo, GA$50
03/03/2021Colleen Ilion, NY$50
03/02/2021Benedict Honolulu, HI$50
03/01/2021Chad Charlestown, MD$50
02/28/2021Carol Old Town, ME$500
02/28/2021Tim Hamburg, AR$50
02/27/2021Peggy Manteno, IL$50
02/26/2021Richard Lakewood, NJ$50
02/25/2021Kuniko Cleveland, OH$50
02/24/2021Mark Toledo, OH$50
02/23/2021Margaret Canton, IL$50
02/22/2021Mark Veedersburg, IN$50
02/21/2021John Pataskala, OH$50
02/20/2021Sandra Saint Joseph, MO$50
02/19/2021Joanna Kingwood, TX$50
02/18/2021Bernie Half Moon Bay, CA$50
02/17/2021Allene Bellevue, NE$50
02/16/2021Robin Thurmont, MD$50
02/16/2021Peter Sparks, NV$50
02/15/2021Ilene Pompano Beach, FL$50
02/14/2021John Carrollton, TX$50
02/13/2021Melissa Baltimore, MD$50
02/12/2021Judith Lake Mary, FL$50
02/11/2021Richard Sioux Falls, SD$50
02/10/2021Jessie Freeport, IL$50
02/09/2021Suzanne Triangle, VA$50
02/08/2021Andrea Penns Grove, NJ$50
02/07/2021Helen Easley, SC$50
02/06/2021Jame Las Vegas, NV$50
02/05/2021Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$50
02/04/2021Barbara Plano, TX$50
02/03/2021Laura Spruce Pine, NC$50
02/02/2021Shirralee Little Deer Isle, ME$50
02/01/2021James Green Bay, WI$50
01/31/2021Gwyn Johannesburg, GT$500
01/31/2021Sam Marysville, WA$50
01/30/2021Debra Belle Plaine, MN$50
01/29/2021Ruth Plainfield, NJ$50
01/28/2021Betty Dallas, GA$50
01/27/2021Mary Cordova, TN$50
01/26/2021Donald Urbana, OH$50
01/25/2021Margaret Canton, IL$50
01/24/2021Daisy Eufaula, AL$50
01/23/2021Julianna Long Beach, WA$50
01/22/2021Randal Zephyrhills, FL$50
01/21/2021Kathy Nampa, ID$50
01/20/2021Teddy Snohomish, WA$50
01/19/2021Mary Fort Mill, SC$50
01/18/2021Norma Sacramento, CA$50
01/17/2021Julie Boerne, TX$50
01/16/2021Daniel Spokane, WA$50
01/15/2021Montrell Jackson, MS$50
01/14/2021Heather Fillmore, NY$50
01/13/2021Raul Houston, TX$50
01/12/2021Cheryl Boynton Beach, FL$50
01/11/2021Darryl Lebanon, TN$50
01/10/2021Peter Sparks, NV$50
01/09/2021Mark Pahoa, HI$50
01/08/2021James Rohnert Park, CA$50
01/07/2021Luis Wichita, KS$50
01/06/2021James Hilo, HI$50
01/05/2021Lisa Georgetown, KY$50
01/04/2021Carol Rochester, NY$50
01/03/2021Jason Hagerstown, MD$50
01/02/2021Shawna Milford, OH$350
01/02/2021Clara Carthage, NC$50
01/01/2021Robin Fairbanks, AK$50
12/31/2020Suzanne Triangle, VA$500
12/31/2020Zachary Carmichael, CA$50
12/30/2020John Carrollton, TX$50
12/29/2020Lynnette Memphis, TN$50
12/28/2020Sophia Sacramento, CA$50
12/27/2020Mercia Manchester, CT$50
12/26/2020Steven Concord, NH$50
12/25/2020Alexander Stratford, CT$50
12/24/2020Robert Strongsville, OH$250
12/24/2020Michael Paducah, KY$50
12/23/2020Frances Dover Plains, NY$50
12/22/2020Joseph Burlington, KY$50
12/21/2020Pat San Antonio, TX$50
12/20/2020Ron Tulsa, OK$50
12/19/2020Melissa Connellsville, PA$50
12/18/2020Ellen Upper Marlboro, MD$50
12/17/2020Marion Rolling Meadows, IL$50
12/16/2020Marlene Oceanside, CA$50
12/15/2020William West Chester, PA$50
12/14/2020Richard Sioux Falls, SD$50
12/13/2020Lisa Mount Airy, MD$50
12/12/2020Judith Tappan, NY$50
12/11/2020Donald Lake Grove, NY$50
12/10/2020Elliot Boston, MA$50
12/09/2020Melinda Hollywood, FL$50
12/08/2020Willard Aurora, CO$50
12/07/2020Brenda Helena, MT$50
12/06/2020Bruce Hockessin, DE$50
12/06/2020Edwin Daytona Beach, FL$170
12/06/2020Marcos Las Vegas, NV$250
12/05/2020Tina Orem, UT$50
12/04/2020Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$50
12/03/2020Samuel Juneau, AK$50
12/02/2020Kathleen New Port Richey, FL$50
12/01/2020Bill San Bernardino, CA$50
11/30/2020Michael Myrtle Beach, SC$500
11/30/2020Ralph Panama City, FL$50
11/29/2020Karen Groveport, OH$50
11/28/2020Marilyn Tampa, FL$50
11/27/2020Lubo Rochester, NY$50
11/26/2020Donald Parma, ID$50
11/25/2020Bernie Half Moon Bay, CA$50
11/24/2020Marcus Canton, OH$50
11/23/2020Ron Toms River, NJ$50
11/22/2020Larry Shelbyville, TN$50
11/21/2020Bre Birmingham, AL$50
11/20/2020Shay Fairchance, PA$50
11/19/2020Richard Salt Lake City, UT$50
11/18/2020Ralph Lockport, NY$50
11/17/2020Joanna Humble, TX$50
11/16/2020Linda Fairbanks, AK$50
11/15/2020Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$50
11/14/2020Rhonda Piedmont, AL$50
11/13/2020Mercia Manchester, CT$50
11/12/2020Adam Richmond, TX$50
11/11/2020Lori Fair Grove, MO$50
11/10/2020Chertsakdi Spring Valley, CA$50
11/09/2020Michael Myrtle Beach, SC$50
11/08/2020Jacqueline Middletown, IN$50
11/07/2020Linda New Bremen, OH$50
11/06/2020Jeri Lyme, NH$50
11/05/2020Peter Sparks, NV$50
11/04/2020Ruth Fayetteville, NC$50
11/03/2020Belinda Streamwood, IL$50
11/02/2020Mary Cordova, TN$50
11/01/2020Mark Palatine, IL$50
10/31/2020Billy Pineville, LA$500
10/31/2020Ralph Panama City, FL$50
10/30/2020Marshall Omaha, NE$50
10/29/2020John Carrollton, TX$50
10/28/2020Travers Providence, RI$50
10/27/2020Daniel Spokane, WA$100
10/27/2020Christopher Pendleton, SC$50
10/26/2020Teresa Cincinnati, OH$50
10/25/2020Robin Fairbanks, AK$50
10/24/2020Peggy Manteno, IL$50
10/23/2020Valerie Lisle, IL$50
10/22/2020Adam Richmond, TX$50
10/21/2020Zachary Carmichael, CA$50
10/20/2020Angela Kell, IL$50
10/19/2020Jeri Lyme, NH$50
10/18/2020Kathy Austin, TX$50
10/17/2020Barbara Miami, FL$50
10/16/2020Willard Saint Paul, MN$50
10/15/2020Sandy Michigan Center, MI$50
10/14/2020Dorothy Egg Harbor Township, NJ$50
10/14/2020Julian Columbus, GA$50
10/13/2020Shana Fairchance, PA$319
10/13/2020John Lackawaxen, PA$50
10/12/2020Randy Riverside, CA$50
10/11/2020Jessie Freeport, IL$50
10/10/2020Robert Chula Vista, CA$50
10/09/2020Carman Saint Marys, GA$50
10/08/2020Ronald Tulsa, OK$50
10/07/2020Norma Amarillo, TX$50
10/06/2020Freda Lemont, IL$50
10/05/2020Julianna Seaside, OR$50
10/04/2020Jim Crest Hill, IL$75
10/04/2020Kenny Issaquah, WA$170
10/04/2020Jennifer Hartford, CT$50
10/03/2020Tim Hamburg, AR$50
10/02/2020Adam Richmond, TX$50
10/01/2020Norma Amarillo, TX$50
09/30/2020Debra Vista, CA$500
09/30/2020Karen Groveport, OH$50
09/29/2020Jesus Los Angeles, CA$50
09/28/2020Charles Honolulu, HI$50
09/27/2020Valeree Algonquin, IL$50
09/26/2020Shay Fairchance, PA$50
09/25/2020Rene Gadsden, AL$50
09/24/2020Joanna Humble, TX$50
09/23/2020Jeana Cullman, AL$50
09/22/2020Julian Columbus, GA$50
09/21/2020Eva Mesa, AZ$50
09/20/2020Nancy Clayton, OH$50
09/19/2020Bruce Hockessin, DE$50
09/18/2020Marlene Oceanside, CA$50
09/17/2020Victoria Lafayette, CO$50
09/16/2020Donna Perry, NY$50
09/15/2020Joseph Noblesville, IN$50
09/14/2020William New Orleans, LA$50
09/14/2020Anita Mount Orab, OH$50
09/13/2020Irene Olympia, WA$50
09/12/2020Miriam Livingston, CA$50
09/11/2020Chad Charlestown, MD$50
09/10/2020Daniel Spokane, WA$50
09/09/2020Dawn Clyde, TX$50
09/08/2020Margaret Detroit, MI$50
09/07/2020Connie Doe Run, MO$50
09/06/2020Ron Mansfield, OH$50
09/05/2020Mary Cordova, TN$50
09/04/2020Rene Gadsden, AL$50
09/03/2020Randy Riverside, CA$50
09/02/2020Kay Saint Paul, MN$50
09/01/2020William Red Hook, NY$50
08/31/2020Ralph Lockport, NY$500
08/31/2020Angela Kell, IL$50
08/30/2020Travers Providence, RI$50
08/29/2020Ethel Cleveland, OH$50
08/28/2020Ngo Glen Burnie, MD$50
08/27/2020Ronald Tulsa, OK$50
08/26/2020Steve Colton, CA$50
08/25/2020Larry Warren, OH$50
08/24/2020Daniel Spokane, WA$50
08/23/2020Frances Dover Plains, NY$50
08/22/2020Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$50
08/21/2020Ralph Lockport, NY$50
08/20/2020Kenny Issaquah, WA$50
08/19/2020John Export, PA$50
08/18/2020Michael Kingsport, TN$50
08/17/2020Ethel Cleveland, OH$50
08/16/2020Pam Norfolk, VA$50
08/15/2020Waynita Weikert, PA$50
08/14/2020James Yucaipa, CA$50
08/13/2020Ronald Oakland, MD$50
08/12/2020Faye Pahoa, HI$50
08/11/2020Linda Oklahoma City, OK$50
08/10/2020Yvette Cohoes, NY$50
08/09/2020David Muncie, IN$50
08/08/2020Charles Honolulu, HI$50
08/07/2020Susan Pawtucket, RI$50
08/06/2020Rachel Frostburg, MD$50
08/05/2020Samuel Three Rivers, MI$50
08/04/2020Marion Camarillo, CA$50
08/03/2020Steve Colton, CA$50
08/02/2020Brenda Royal Palm Beach, FL$50
08/01/2020Don Pascagoula, MS$50
07/31/2020Vincent Moundsville, WV$500
07/31/2020Bethina Kansas City, KS$50
07/30/2020Patrick Canyon Country, CA$50
07/29/2020Emery Joplin, MO$50
07/28/2020Donald Lake Grove, NY$50
07/27/2020Chad Charlestown, MD$50
07/26/2020Paul Oklahoma City, OK$50
07/25/2020Nathan Katy, TX$50
07/24/2020Andrea Penns Grove, NJ$50
07/23/2020Connie Doe Run, MO$50
07/22/2020Lisa Brookville, PA$50
07/21/2020Anne Kansas City, MO$50
07/20/2020Peter Sparks, NV$50
07/19/2020Carol Lewisville, TX$50
07/18/2020Michael Paducah, KY$50
07/17/2020Michele Concord, NH$50
07/16/2020Dawn Newnan, GA$50
07/15/2020Ralph Lockport, NY$50
07/14/2020Gary Phoenix, AZ$50
07/13/2020Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$50
07/12/2020Mercia Manchester, CT$50
07/11/2020Joseph Burlington, KY$50
07/10/2020Edwin Daytona Beach, FL$50
07/09/2020Nathan Katy, TX$50
07/08/2020Linda New Bremen, OH$50
07/07/2020Martin Deland, FL$50
07/06/2020Valeree Algonquin, IL$50
07/05/2020Robert Strongsville, OH$50
07/04/2020Richard Norwich, CT$50
07/03/2020Barbara Oklahoma City, OK$50
07/02/2020Shirley Athens, MI$50
07/01/2020Irene Suncook, NH$50
06/30/2020Willard Aurora, CO$500
06/30/2020Gary Applegate, MI$50
06/29/2020Michael Coopersville, MI$50
06/28/2020Kay Minneapolis, MN$50
06/27/2020Jeffrey Chicopee, MA$50
06/26/2020Melanie Ardmore, AL$50
06/25/2020Gerard Stayton, OR$50
06/24/2020Kimberly Salisbury, MD$50
06/23/2020Michael Shelbyville, IN$50
06/22/2020Kristin Aurora, CO$50
06/21/2020Latrease West Palm Beach, FL$50
06/20/2020Timothy Chicago, IL$50
06/19/2020Ron Mansfield, OH$50
06/18/2020Chris Orlando, FL$50
06/17/2020Herbert Selah, WA$50
06/16/2020Karen Dania, FL$50
06/15/2020Melanie Ardmore, AL$50
06/14/2020Michael Myrtle Beach, SC$50
06/13/2020Margaret Blountville, TN$50
06/12/2020Barbara Oklahoma City, OK$50
06/11/2020Kenny Issaquah, WA$50
06/10/2020Jeffrey Chicopee, MA$50
06/09/2020Charles Mesquite, TX$50
06/08/2020Florence Saint John, IN$50
06/07/2020Michael Johnstown, PA$50
06/06/2020Travers Providence, RI$50
06/05/2020Jonn Portland, OR$50
06/04/2020Kenneth Indianapolis, IN$50
06/03/2020Stephanie Monroeville, PA$50
06/02/2020Melanie Ardmore, AL$50
06/01/2020Raissa Brooklyn, NY$50
05/31/2020Steve Colton, CA$500
05/31/2020James Yucaipa, CA$50
05/30/2020Colleen Ilion, NY$50
05/29/2020Ken San Diego, CA$50
05/28/2020Tom Hillsdale, MI$50
05/27/2020Ester Atlanta, GA$50
05/26/2020Charles Honolulu, HI$50
05/25/2020Michael Paducah, KY$50
05/24/2020Edwin Daytona Beach, FL$50
05/23/2020Bob Tucson, AZ$50
05/22/2020Steven Deerfield Beach, FL$50
05/21/2020Immacula Providence, RI$50
05/20/2020Susan Pawtucket, RI$50
05/19/2020Rene Gadsden, AL$50
05/18/2020Larry Abilene, TX$50
05/17/2020Robert Savannah, GA$50
05/16/2020Stephen Palatine, IL$50
05/15/2020RoseMary Oklahoma City, OK$75
05/15/2020Colleen Ilion, NY$50
05/14/2020Chad Clay, WV$50
05/13/2020Monte Winter Park, FL$50
05/12/2020Chelsea Van Alstyne, TX$50
05/11/2020Barbara Cheney, WA$50
05/10/2020Thomas Black Hawk, SD$50
05/09/2020Becky Spanish Fork, UT$250
05/09/2020Wendell Kaneohe, HI$50
05/08/2020Lisa Mount Airy, MD$50
05/07/2020Kathrine Marion, IN$50
05/06/2020Bruce Hockessin, DE$50
05/05/2020Mitchell Belcourt, ND$50
05/04/2020David Lewis Center, OH$50
05/03/2020James New Hyde Park, NY$50
05/02/2020Olivia Phoenix, AZ$50
05/01/2020William Selma, AL$50
04/30/2020Nancy Ann Arbor, MI$500
04/30/2020John Hershey, PA$50
04/29/2020Anita Mount Orab, OH$50
04/28/2020Joseph Berkeley, CA$50
04/27/2020Julian Huntsville, AL$50
04/27/2020Sue Mertztown, PA$350
04/26/2020Cheryl Bradenton, FL$50
04/25/2020Angelo West Covina, CA$50
04/24/2020Yavonda Bowdon, GA$50
04/23/2020Mark Palatine, IL$50
04/22/2020Donna Perry, NY$50
04/21/2020Stephanie Columbus, OH$50
04/20/2020Kathrine Marion, IN$50
04/19/2020Randall Milwaukee, WI$50
04/18/2020Mindy Worcester, MA$50
04/17/2020Janet Shelbyville, IN$50
04/16/2020Larry Albuquerque, NM$50
04/15/2020Kim Philadelphia, PA$50
04/14/2020Ronald South Bend, IN$50
04/13/2020Cheryl Green Bay, WI$50
04/12/2020Rene Gadsden, AL$50
04/11/2020Lillian Supply, NC$50
04/10/2020Dawn Newnan, GA$319
04/10/2020Gregory Jackson, MS$50
04/09/2020Laura Spruce Pine, NC$50
04/08/2020Jimmy Mount Morris, MI$50
04/07/2020Tean Pahoa, HI$50
04/06/2020Michele Concord, NH$50
04/05/2020Donna Rapid City, SD$50
04/04/2020Clayton Cypress, TX$50
04/03/2020Elaine Eugene, OR$50
04/02/2020Milas Pottsboro, TX$50
04/01/2020Donna Perry, NY$50
03/31/2020Ernest Colorado Springs, CO$500
03/31/2020Clyde San Antonio, TX$50
03/30/2020Linda Lincoln City, OR$50
03/29/2020Venita Santa Fe, NM$50
03/28/2020LueRue Wichita, KS$50
03/27/2020David Muncie, IN$50
03/26/2020Charles Gibsonville, NC$250
03/26/2020Valentine Amityville, NY$50
03/25/2020Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$50
03/24/2020Jennifer Arvada, CO$50
03/23/2020Barbara Hamilton, MS$50
03/22/2020Corrine Steuben, ME$50
03/21/2020Yvette Whitesville, WV$170
03/21/2020Priscilla Columbia, TN$50
03/20/2020Kim Boynton Beach, FL$50
03/19/2020Ivan Vilonia, AR$50
03/18/2020Carol Hanover, MI$50
03/17/2020Judy Cabot, AR$50
03/17/2020Anne Kansas City, MO$50
03/16/2020Mary Lacey, WA$50
03/15/2020Matthew Three Rivers, MI$50
03/14/2020Dorothy Egg Harbor Township, NJ$50
03/13/2020Michael Shelbyville, IN$50
03/12/2020Bernie Half Moon Bay, CA$50
03/11/2020Daisy San Bernardino, CA$50
03/10/2020Janet Las Vegas, NV$50
03/09/2020David Muncie, IN$50
03/08/2020Stephanie Columbus, OH$50
03/07/2020Kimberly Salisbury, MD$50
03/06/2020Wanda Newburgh, NY$50
03/05/2020George Calhoun, LA$50
03/04/2020Larmonte Detroit, MI$50
03/03/2020Nathan Katy, TX$50
03/02/2020Brenda Helena, MT$50
03/01/2020Jackie Columbus, MS$50
02/29/2020Sarah Chugiak, AK$500
02/29/2020Betty Valdese, NC$50
02/28/2020Kathrine Summitville, IN$50
02/27/2020Patricia Frisco, TX$50
02/26/2020Valentine Amityville, NY$100
02/26/2020Sheila Hilham, TN$50
02/25/2020Florence Saint John, IN$50
02/24/2020Shana Fairchance, PA$50
02/23/2020Mercia Manchester, CT$50
02/22/2020Marilou Burbank, IL$50
02/21/2020Darleni Loganton, PA$50
02/20/2020Vincent Woodmere, NY$50
02/19/2020Gilbert Newport News, VA$50
02/18/2020Mark Mt Pleasant, PA$50
02/17/2020Jimmy Mount Morris, MI$75
02/17/2020Michael Paducah, KY$50
02/16/2020Paula San Francisco, CA$50
02/15/2020Scott Traverse City, MI$50
02/14/2020Heather York, SC$50
02/13/2020Ralph Panama City, FL$50
02/12/2020Robert Mesa, AZ$50
02/11/2020Ron Tulsa, OK$50
02/10/2020Francisco Bronx, NY$50
02/09/2020Nina Huntingdon, PA$50
02/08/2020Junior Lawrenceville, IL$50
02/07/2020Pablo New York, NY$50
02/06/2020Marge Coatesville, PA$50
02/05/2020Terran Kansas City, MO$50
02/04/2020Sue Mertztown, PA$50
02/03/2020Julie South Bend, IN$50
02/02/2020Mark Palatine, IL$50
02/01/2020Carol Hanover, MI$50
01/31/2020Vernon Muskogee, OK$500
01/31/2020James York, PA$50
01/30/2020Chris Orlando, FL$50
01/29/2020James Frederick, MD$50
01/28/2020Melinda Hollywood, FL$50
01/27/2020Kathy Victoria, TX$50
01/26/2020Daniel Spokane, WA$50
01/25/2020James Boston, MA$50
01/24/2020Barbara Beaumont, TX$50
01/23/2020Charles Hickory, NC$50
01/22/2020Michele Concord, NH$50
01/22/2020Mary Ann Riverdale, GA$170
01/21/2020Jessica Murfreesboro, TN$50
01/20/2020Jonathan Fairfax, VA$50
01/19/2020Edwin Daytona Beach, FL$50
01/18/2020Shiela Hilham, TN$50
01/17/2020Darla Council Bluffs, IA$50
01/16/2020Christine Brockport, NY$50
01/15/2020Elizabeth Riverside, CA$50
01/14/2020Kay Saint Paul, MN$50
01/13/2020Miyoko Hayward, CA$50
01/12/2020Wendy Spokane, WA$50
01/11/2020Scott Traverse City, MI$250
01/11/2020Gwendolyn Grand Rapids, MI$50
01/10/2020Carol Peoria, AZ$50
01/09/2020Carter Dumfries, VA$50
01/08/2020David Farmington, MN$50
01/07/2020Bernie Half Moon Bay, CA$50
01/06/2020Raymond Fort Worth, TX$50
01/05/2020Barbara Westland, MI$50
01/04/2020Esperanza Springfield, MA$50
01/03/2020Stephanie Columbus, OH$50
01/02/2020Larmonte Detroit, MI$50
01/01/2020Carol Lewisville, TX$350
01/01/2020Richard Sioux Falls, SD$319
01/01/2020Liberty Canyon Country, CA$50
12/31/2019Marsha Broomfield, CO$500
12/31/2019Susan Albuquerque, NM$50
12/31/2019Shirley Mendenhall, MS$50
12/30/2019Steve Stanley, VA$50
12/29/2019Robert Lyndhurst, NJ$50
12/28/2019Lennora Jeannette, PA$50
12/27/2019Ron Tulsa, OK$50
12/26/2019Chris Libertyville, IL$50
12/25/2019Becky Palisade, CO$50
12/24/2019David Muncie, IN$250
12/24/2019Daisy San Bernardino, CA$50
12/23/2019William New Orleans, LA$50
12/22/2019Geoff Roanoke, VA$50
12/21/2019Yvette Cohoes, NY$50
12/20/2019RoseMary Oklahoma City, OK$50
12/19/2019Dena Akron, OH$50
12/18/2019Jonathan Fairfax, VA$50
12/17/2019Ron Tulsa, OK$50
12/16/2019Ethel Cleveland, OH$50
12/15/2019Pam Norfolk, VA$50
12/14/2019Kathleen Three Lakes, WI$50
12/13/2019Micheal Shelbyville, IN$50
12/12/2019Gary Fort Myers, FL$50
12/11/2019Francisco S Bronx, NY$50
12/10/2019Cathy Mount Carmel, PA$100
12/10/2019Donna San Antonio, TX$50
12/09/2019Kennedy Durham, NC$50
12/08/2019Mattie Vanceboro, NC$50
12/07/2019Sherilee Concord, AR$50
12/06/2019Anna Marie Golden Valley, AZ$50
12/05/2019Janet Wimberley, TX$50
12/04/2019Victoria Sitka, AK$50
12/03/2019Gayle Crossville, AL$50
12/02/2019Elizabeth Hastings, NE$75
12/02/2019Harriet Franklin, TN$50
12/01/2019Sierra Jennings, LA$50
11/30/2019Laura Spruce Pine, NC$500
11/30/2019Theresa Oregon City, OR$50
11/29/2019Melinda Hollywood, FL$50
11/28/2019Michael Auburndale, FL$50
11/27/2019Shana Fairchance, PA$50
11/26/2019Jonathan Fairfax, VA$50
11/25/2019Foresteen Milwaukee, WI$50
11/24/2019Julianna Long Beach, WA$50
11/23/2019Stephanie Columbus, OH$50
11/22/2019Mark M Palatine, IL$170
11/22/2019Belinda Milwaukee, WI$50
11/21/2019Melanie Cleveland, OH$50
11/20/2019Daniel Spokane, WA$50
11/19/2019Barb Fort Ripley, MN$50
11/18/2019Marilou Burbank, IL$50
11/18/2019Ada B La Follette, TN$50
11/17/2019Liberty Canyon Country, CA$50
11/16/2019Mary Auburn, WA$50
11/15/2019Robert Lyndhurst, NJ$50
11/14/2019Lisa S Mount Airy, MD$50
11/13/2019Charlotte Charleston, WV$50
11/12/2019Larmonte Detroit, MI$50
11/11/2019Jerry Bertram, TX$50
11/10/2019Kenneth Gunnison, CO$50
11/10/2019Travis Modesto, CA$50
11/09/2019Amy Frostburg, MD$50
11/08/2019Donna West Winfield, NY$50
11/07/2019Valentine Amityville, NY$50
11/06/2019Becky Palisade, CO$50
11/05/2019Tyrone Windsor Mill, MD$50
11/04/2019Francisco S Bronx, NY$50
11/03/2019Linda Imperial, MO$50
11/02/2019Samuel Three Rivers, MI$50
11/01/2019Angela R Lake Worth, FL$50
10/31/2019Kathrine Summitville, IN$500
10/31/2019Edmond Antioch, TN$50
10/30/2019Vicki Covington, LA$50
10/29/2019Lois Trenton, OH$50
10/28/2019Skylar Edwardsburg, MI$50
10/27/2019Dave Las Vegas, NV$50
10/26/2019Frieda T La Fayette, GA$50
10/25/2019Theresa Colorado Springs, CO$50
10/24/2019Sheila Hilham, TN$50
10/23/2019Angela Decatur, GA$50
10/22/2019Lynn Ramona, CA$50
10/21/2019William D New Orleans, LA$50
10/20/2019Reshinda Hickory, NC$50
10/19/2019Ethel Cleveland, OH$50
10/18/2019Kathy A Indianapolis, IN$50
10/17/2019Frieda New York, NY$50
10/16/2019George Calhoun, LA$50
10/15/2019Eddie Oakland, CA$50
10/14/2019Stacey Pottstown, PA$50
10/13/2019Cayla Pierson, FL$50
10/12/2019Connie Jackson, MI$50
10/11/2019Lori Marshfield, MO$50
10/10/2019Erica Cantonment, FL$50
10/09/2019Tina Orem, UT$50
10/08/2019Pam Winston Salem, NC$50
10/07/2019Geraldine C Moscow, PA$50
10/06/2019Ann Greenville, MS$50
10/05/2019Dorothy Pittsburgh, PA$50
10/04/2019Brenda Helena, MT$50
10/03/2019Jesse R Grand Prairie, TX$50
10/02/2019Leila W Eatonton, GA$50
10/01/2019Sandy Michigan Center, MI$50
09/30/2019Ethel Cleveland, OH$500
09/30/2019Yelena Bismarck, ND$50
09/29/2019Elizabeth Hastings, NE$50
09/28/2019Carol F Lewisville, TX$50
09/27/2019Erica Monroeville, AL$50
09/26/2019Michael Shelbyville, IN$50
09/25/2019William D New Orleans, LA$50
09/24/2019Kris Park Ridge, IL$50
09/23/2019John Gray Court, SC$50
09/22/2019Elizabeth R Covina, CA$50
09/21/2019Gary Muncie, IN$50
09/20/2019Darleni Loganton, PA$50
09/19/2019Jeff Louisville, KY$50
09/18/2019Angelo West Covina, CA$50
09/17/2019Travis Huntington, WV$50
09/16/2019Lisa S Mount Airy, MD$50
09/15/2019Becky Palisade, CO$50
09/14/2019Chris Orlando, FL$50
09/13/2019Cynthia B Reedsport, OR$50
09/12/2019Bob Round Rock, TX$50
09/11/2019James G Chicago, IL$50
09/10/2019Damien Yucaipa, CA$50
09/09/2019Lisa S Mount Airy, MD$50
09/08/2019Lori Marshfield, MO$50
09/07/2019Elizabeth Riverside, CA$50
09/06/2019Willie W Seattle, WA$50
09/05/2019Katherine Green Bay, WI$50
09/04/2019Linda C Yuba City, CA$50
09/03/2019Christopher Williamstown, MA$50
09/02/2019Virginia Fredonia, KY$50
09/01/2019Sherelle Modesto, CA$50
08/31/2019Ronald H Nampa, ID$500
08/31/2019Wanda Graniteville, SC$50
08/30/2019Ellis Granite City, IL$50
08/29/2019Tamara Kansas City, MO$50
08/28/2019Dorothy Coldwater, MS$50
08/27/2019David Quincy, IL$50
08/26/2019Myriam Norwalk, CT$50
08/25/2019Priscilla Tucson, AZ$50
08/24/2019Monuel Nacogdoches, TX$50
08/23/2019Scott M Benson, AZ$50
08/22/2019Amanda Hoboken, GA$50
08/21/2019Jennifer Arvada, CO$50
08/20/2019James Boston, MA$50
08/19/2019Nancy B Burlington, VT$50
08/18/2019Christina Snowshoe, WV$50
08/17/2019Dolly Duchesne, UT$50
08/16/2019Daisy San Bernardino, CA$50
08/15/2019Kevin S Washougal, WA$50
08/14/2019Angelo West Covina, CA$50
08/13/2019Monica Upland, CA$50
08/12/2019Tina Orem, UT$50
08/11/2019Gary Muncie, IN$50
08/10/2019Ray H Denver, CO$50
08/09/2019Linda Mexico, MO$50
08/08/2019Steven R Middletown, VA$50
08/07/2019Darlene Racine, WI$50
08/06/2019Stephen Temple, TX$50
08/05/2019Barbara Greenville, TX$50
08/04/2019Suzanne Reno, NV$50
08/03/2019Kris Park Ridge, IL$50
08/02/2019Kemetria G Monroe, LA$50
08/01/2019Bob Wichita, KS$50
07/31/2019Carol F Lewisville, TX$500
07/31/2019Francisco S Bronx, NY$50
07/30/2019Nancy B Burlington, VT$50
07/29/2019Sally B Toledo, OH$50
07/28/2019Kara Tulsa, OK$50
07/27/2019Victor Dallas, TX$50
07/26/2019Vickie Huxley, IN$50
07/25/2019David Muncie, IN$50
07/24/2019Deanne Dallas, NC$50
07/23/2019Tiffany Salt Lake City, UT$50
07/22/2019Tom Cornville, AZ$50
07/21/2019Mary Grants Pass, OR$50
07/20/2019LaMott W Las Vegas, NV$50
07/19/2019Noli Glendale, CA$50
07/18/2019Felina Cherokee, AL$50
07/17/2019Linda T Moss Point, MS$50
07/16/2019Valentina B North Highlands, CA$50
07/15/2019Walter M Silver Spring, MD$50
07/14/2019Ericca D Fair Oaks, CA$50
07/13/2019Maricela Oxnard, CA$50
07/12/2019Mary Dayton, OH$50
07/11/2019Carleton Houma, LA$50
07/10/2019Bill Phoenix, AZ$50
07/09/2019Lisa S Mount Airy, MD$50
07/08/2019Susan H Albuquerque, NM$50
07/07/2019Barbara Norman, OK$50
07/06/2019Eldora R Pinewood, SC$50
07/05/2019Leila Eatonton, GA$50
07/04/2019Annie Mechanicsville, MD$50
07/03/2019Lloyd A Stafford, VA$50
07/02/2019Bob Round Rock, TX$50
07/01/2019Ron Ogden, UT$50
06/30/2019Tonya Indianapolis, IN$500
06/30/2019Nick L Berea, OH$50
06/29/2019John Croydon, PA$50
06/28/2019Latasia Fulton, MO$50
06/27/2019Emma B Indianapolis, IN$50
06/26/2019Scott Traverse City, MI$50
06/25/2019Winner Kingsport, TN$50
06/24/2019Angela Terre Haute, IN$50
06/23/2019Lolita Birmingham, AL$50
06/22/2019Noah Boise, ID$50
06/21/2019Travis Huntington, WV$50
06/20/2019Adam San Jose, CA$50
06/19/2019David Columbia, MO$50
06/18/2019Edward Wrens, GA$50
06/17/2019Rodney A Los Lunas, NM$50
06/16/2019Howard Los Angeles, CA$50
06/15/2019Joseph Liberty, TX$50
06/14/2019Amber Desert Hot Springs, CA$50
06/13/2019Robert Omaha, NE$50
06/12/2019Nichole Jacksonville, FL$50
06/11/2019Johanna Kinston, NC$50
06/10/2019Jameka Houston, TX$50
06/09/2019Wendy S Dallastown, PA$50
06/08/2019Annie Mechanicsville, MD$50
06/07/2019Nancy R Pikeville, NC$50
06/06/2019Erin Bismarck, ND$50
06/05/2019Vern Mesa, AZ$50
06/04/2019Adriana Warm Springs, OR$50
06/03/2019Stephen Evans, GA$50
06/02/2019Shirley S Louisville, KY$50
06/01/2019Marion B Raleigh, NC$50
05/31/2019Russell Macon, GA$500
05/31/2019Frankie W Birmingham, AL$50
05/30/2019Garrett Las Vegas, NV$50
05/29/2019Alex K Gary, IN$50
05/28/2019Michael Tuolumne, CA$50
05/27/2019Sherry S Fairfield, IL$50
05/26/2019Krista Hesperia, CA$50
05/25/2019Michael K Westfield, MA$50
05/24/2019Karen Plymouth, MI$50
05/23/2019Patrick Tempe, AZ$50
05/22/2019Jennifer Arvada, CO$50
05/21/2019Gloria Brooklyn, NY$50
05/20/2019Will Mobile, AL$50
05/19/2019Darleni Eastville, PA$50
05/18/2019Lois Whittier, CA$50
05/17/2019Edward T Auburn, MS$50
05/16/2019Carolann Brooklyn, New York$50
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